Secret Tips of Cooling Gel in Hot Summer

Secret Tips of Cooling Gel in Hot Summer


This summer is killing me!

I keep sweating if only I walk down the street, seems the hot wave is everywhere. I know it’s inevitable, just love what Brad Pitt said, it’s the fate of mine, it’s destiny. But do not you dare give up? Just how can we cope with the oiliness and stickiness due to sweating, the redness due to sun burn and the large pore due to the hot air?

A simple answer from the suppliers of ours were gotten by me, let us try some aloe gel! You’ll find loads of gel in the market, so I’ve chosen the one looks really cute, soothing gel from daymellow’. Truth be told, ninety six % of Aloe Vera extract is actually contained with no alcohol, it really has no damage to our skin barrier. For better cooling and pore tightening effect, I put it in a fridge. Speaking of it, you are able to also include the sheet mask in the fridge! I actually put the mask with a zip big, it sounds more hygienic to me…

Method 1:

Just squeeze with the amount you want and apply on face/body part, done and done! As always, I apply a heavy amount as a gel mask on face. My skin turns red whenever I forget to apply sunscreen, then the gel will be used by me and it soothes immediately in only aproximatelly thirty minutes. What more to ask for? It works!

Tips: Never Wash Your Face After Applying the Gel Mask

I’m not trying to scare you, but why do not you choose a better way to help the gel absorption? Avoid wasting the gel of yours by washing it! Take one cotton pad and pour some toner on it, wipe your face gently with the wet pad, you are going to see your skin shines probably the brightest ever.

Do not look down to the minor thing, just seize every opportunity to make your skincare product counts!


Method 2:

Do you still think that Aloe Vera could just apply on face / body part? Then never forget the hair of yours, it’s in fact part of your body LOL! It could be used as hair treatment after shower or perhaps, hair dyeing, whenever you want.

Let us be cool in this summer! More items are coming soon, stay tuned and see you next time, au revoir! 😛



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