4 Care Tips for Brow Microblading

Brow microblading is actually a semi permanent treatment to get fuller and thicker brows. Brow microblading care is actually similar to tattoo care. After microblading, the brows of yours should be covered by sterilized wet cotton for two hours. For the first seven days, you shouldn’t let makeup touch, lotion, cleanser, or water your eyebrow area to stay away from infection. Here are a few care tips of brow microblading you should know.

4 Care Tips for Brow Microblading - SHOPPE.LK

(1) Apply a cold compress

Beauty artists always claim that microblading is almost painless. But you may feel itchy directly after the microblading treatment. You are able to make use of a cold compress wrapped by a cloth to calm and soothe the redness of the eyebrows of yours. Keep the eyebrows dried out and cool.

4 Care Tips for Brow Microblading - SHOPPE.LK

(2) Treat your microbladed brows like a wound

Recovery time of your eyebrows is actually aproximatelly 1 2 weeks. And, the pigment is going to be completely set after a month. Take care of your brow area like a wound for the first week. Don’t let water touch the eyebrows of yours. Use sterilized wet cotton to clean your brow area. Allow the eyebrows of yours to air dry and then apply a heavy layer of ointment.

4 Care Tips for Brow Microblading - SHOPPE.LK

(3) Do not apply makeup and skincare products

Your eyebrow area is actually sensitive for the first 2 weeks. Don’t apply some makeup and skincare products on your brow area. Keep the brows clean is crucial. Oil and dirt on the brow area is able to result in irritation and infection.

4 Care Tips for Brow Microblading - SHOPPE.LK

(4) Moisturize and apply sunscreen

Once the eyebrows of yours healed, remember to moisturize and use sunscreen to protect your eyebrows. It is best to use Vaseline and a sunscreen with SPF thirty or even higher on the brow area to ward off sun damage. Exposure to the sun could result in the pigment to fade away faster.

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