Is Your Skincare Routine Safe For Your Pregnancy?

Is Your Skincare Routine Safe For Your Pregnancy?

The pregnancy glow is among the physiological changes many females look forward to while they’re expecting. But sometimes it is just a mythic a large number of females do not get the glow they excepted and just the skin changes dramatically. Hence, you have to ensure that the skin care regime is the best one for the hormone changes of yours and safe for the baby of yours. Continue reading to discover the perfect pregnancy safe skin care regime.

Gentle skincare routine

The top skincare routine you need to remember is “Gentle”. You need to use products that are gentle and take simple skincare routine during the pregnancy of yours. And hydrating and moisturizing are really important. The very best routine is usually to apply a hydrator first to moisture into the skin of yours. Next, wear a moisturizer to keep water throughout the day. This’s the gentle and simple skincare routine during pregnancy.


Everyone knows that exfoliating is actually necessary no matter you’re expecting or perhaps not. It’s suggested to gently exfoliate 2 to 3 times a week. It will help remove dead skin cells on the surface area so that the skin care products are able to penetrate properly. During the pregnancy of yours, you are able to use baking sugar or perhaps soda with honey to exfoliate the skin of yours. It is natural and not harmful to the baby of yours.

Ingredients to Eliminate

Remember that you’ve many ingredients that you have to stay away from in your skincare routine when you are pregnant. Which includes Vitamin A/retinol, hydroquinone, ammonia, phthalates, and prescription acne medications. You are able to find those ingredients in skincare, perfume as well as nail polishes. You ought to also stay away from professional skin treatments as Laser and Botox during pregnancy.

Chest and Neck

Apart from the face of yours, the chest and neck are actually the components that you’ve to focus on during the pregnancy of yours. As weight is gained by you and your skin get expanded, you have to take your neck and chest in the skincare regime. Apply firming serum and gel to the chest of yours and neck each morning and evening for a minimum of one month to keep the skin of yours soft, radiant and healthy throughout your postpartum and pregnancy.

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