4 Bad Nail Habits and How to Break Them


When you get older, you begin to observe folks with more details, like the teeth of theirs, the skin of theirs, as well as the nails of theirs. To a certain extent, your wellbeing is indicated by it and needless to say the personal hygiene of yours. When it comes to nails, there are lots of ways to polish it in case you like. Nevertheless, how to keep it in shape that is very good? You’ve to quit those typical bad nail habits and “nail it”! Let us learn below four nail habits and find a means to break them!

#Bad nail habit 1 – Bite your nails

Simply because they were kids, lots of people started to bite the nails of theirs. Biting obviously makes hands unsightly in the very short run, but it is able to also have longer term effects. It’s simple to understand that biting your nails over time they’ll be become deformed with ridges and bumps. Besides, it is unsanitary. There’s always dirt under the nails of yours, you’re really eating the bacteria and also the dirt by biting your nails.


How to break it?

Always keep your nails painted, it acts as a protective layer. Because of the bad taste and great investment on manicures, you will eventually trick yourself into leaving your nails alone.

4 Bad Nail Habits and How to Break Them - SHOPPE.LK

#Bad nail habit 2 – Picking at your nail polish

Peeling and picking at your manicure is quite a bad habit. You will find a great deal of men and women as picking when their polish starts chipping rather than removing it with nail polish properly. You might eventually eliminate the real top level of the nail bed of yours by doing so. Why can it be harmful to your nail? It is going to weaken your nails over a space of time.


How to break it?


Always keep a nail polish remover at the beauty bag of yours, you are able to remove the polish of yours once you feel love to do it rather than picking it.

4 Bad Nail Habits and How to Break Them - SHOPPE.LK

#Bad nail habit 3 – Picking at your cuticles

Everybody wants to take those unwanted and poor cuticles straight away when we spot it. Nevertheless, cuticles should be left alone because the more you pick at them, the harder it’s to stop. Besides, picking your cuticles leaves it looking dry and ragged, and it causes you vulnerable to infection.


How to break it?


To have a healthy nail bed, you need to remove cuticles by proper tools rather than scissors, teeth or hands, such as cuticle remover.

4 Bad Nail Habits and How to Break Them - SHOPPE.LK

#Bad nail habit 4 – Addict to nail gel

Nail gel is liked by everybody! Not merely does the pattern look fantastic, it also lasts for a long time. Nevertheless, it’s harmful to the nail of yours when you’ve to eliminate it and to get a new one! During the removal process, the nail is actually wet and it’s extremely vulnerable to the nail bed. Basically, when your manicurist uses a metal tool to remove the gel polish, it’s a lot easier to harm your nail bed too.


How to break it?


Replace nail gel by traditional nail polish, and just cut down the frequency of getting nail gel.

4 Bad Nail Habits and How to Break Them - SHOPPE.LK



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