4 Surprising Places That Need Sun Protection

4 Surprising Places That Need Sun Protection


Sunscreen is just one of our everyday skincare essentials. We should use sunscreen everyday to protect the skin of ours from sunburn, help reduce the risk of skin cancer and protect against wrinkles, dark spots. Nevertheless, you may neglect some important areas to apply sunscreen and leave your skin exposed to potential sun damage.

(1) Lips

We realize that applying lip balm to the lips of ours are able to stay away from flaky and dry lips. Your lips are actually delicate that are actually susceptible to be sunburned. Overexposure of your lips to sunlight with no protection may result in skin cancer. You are able to make use of a lip balm with SPF, which is actually long-lasting and thicker. Remember to reapply much more often as talking, drinking and eating will remove the sunscreen on the lips of yours.

(2) Neck

All folks know the face of theirs should be covered by sunscreen. Nevertheless, folks often forget to use sunscreen to their chests and necks for sun protection. For outdoor enthusiasts or perhaps folks that love to wear V neck/ scoop neck shirts, they have to apply SPF thirty or perhaps higher sunscreen to their necks and chests, especially the sides and the back. Remember to re apply sunscreen every two hours.

(3) Eyelids

The skin surrounding your eyes is actually weak and thin to ward off sun damage. It is best to apply sunscreen to protect this particular place. You’re better to use mineral sunscreen to stay away from skin irritation. In case your eyelids are actually sensitive to sunscreen, go for broad spectrum UV protection sunglasses instead.

(4) Scalp

A lot of people may ignore to apply sunscreen to the scalps of theirs. A sunburned scalp is very painful. The way to stay away from having a red, flaky and itchy head? You are able to make use of a sunscreen spray to protect the part of skin from the sun. Conversely, you are able to wear a hat instead. Do not forget to use sunscreen to the hairline of yours too!



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