Everything you need to know about Sun Care


Spending time outside is actually a need as an instant mood booster during summer. While you plan lazy days and beach outings under the sun, take a few minutes to think of your family’s ultraviolet (UV) ray protection. UV rays are actually the silent enemy when exposed to the sun, but what exactly they’re and how they affect us may not be as well known. Continue reading to discover all you have to know about sun care.

#1 Why do we need to protect your skin from the sun?

UVA and UVB rays are included in the electromagnetic (light) spectrum that reaches earth from the sun, and both could cause lasting skin damage and cancer. UVA is actually the longer wave UV ray that causes skin aging, whilst UVB is actually the shorter wave UV ray that causes the skin to burn. SPF is basically a calculation of the additional protection sunscreen gives its wearer compared with bare skin.

#2 What is the difference between physical and chemical sunscreen?

Physical sunscreen:

Sits on top of the skin and reflects the sun’s rays;

Less irritating and a better fit for sensitive skin;

More moisturizing, which may feel heavy on the skin;

Hard to completely blend into the skin.

Chemical sunscreen:
Sink into the skin and act as a sponge to absorb sun rays;
Easy to apply and typically lightweight;
Water-resistant formulas.

Everything you need to know about Sun Care - SHOPPE.LK

Allow me to share some suggestions for the protection of your eyes and skin from sun damage.

(1)      Wearing a broad brimmed hat and sunglasses are able to reduce UV rays to the eyes.

(2)      Apply a sunscreen with SPF thirty or perhaps higher every two hours to remain safe in the sun.

(3)      Stay away from being outdoors in direct sunlight too long, particularly the hours when the UV rays are actually probably the strongest.

(4)      Seek shade to reduce the exposure of yours to UV rays.



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