The Best products to soothe summer skin

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Although a toll with extra sun exposure is taken by your skin, summer is a good time to enjoy yourself with outdoor activities. The rise in temperatures in summer not only affects the health of yours but also causes considerable damage to the skin as sunburn, inflammation and redness. To calm and soothe your skin right away, here are the very best products to help.

Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera is actually a tropical medicinal plant which has been used for a huge number of years to deal with skin conditions. It’s a typical remedy used to reduce sunburn symptoms. You are able to spread a layer of pure gel extracted from the interior of an aloe vera leaf over the burnt skin. It is able to also help to moisturize the skin and stop the peeling that occasionally happens with sunburns.

The Best products to soothe summer skin - SHOPPE.LK


honey that is Raw, a natural antiseptic, is actually known to have anti bacterial properties with hydrating functions. You are able to apply it to the inflamed area and let it dry naturally. Next, wash it all with water. It’s suggested to repeat the treatment 2 3 times one day for an immediate consequence. It is able to help heal skin that is damaged.

The Best products to soothe summer skin - SHOPPE.LK

Cool Compress

In the event that you would like to calm your sunburned skin quickly, you are able to have a quick dip with a cold compress to cool the skin of yours. It is able to reduce swelling and wicks away heat from the skin of yours and give you quick relief. The cold compress options can be washcloth, water, chilled spoon or perhaps sliced cucumber which can provide quick pain relief.

The Best products to soothe summer skin - SHOPPE.LK

Coconut water

When it comes to coconut, you will find a number of health and wellness benefits related to the extracts produced from coconuts. Additionally, it works with the sunburned skin in fact. Minerals which can help in scars that are fading and spot on the skin brought on by the sunshine are contained by Coconut water. You are able to splash some coconut water on the affected or inflamed area to help soothe sunburn.

The Best products to soothe summer skin - SHOPPE.LK



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