4 Everyday Habits That Are Drying Out Your Skin

4 Everyday Habits That Are Drying Out Your Skin


Nobody loves skin with excess oil, but, you could not keep your face glowing without it.  As we all know, over washing the skin of yours will finally lead to dry skin, affect the balance of the skin. In order to keep the balance, you’ve to aware there are a few everyday habits that are actually drying out the skin of yours.

1. Taking hot shower

A hot shower is definitely an indulgence after a long day. Nevertheless, the vital truth of the matter is it’s just temporary comfort. Expert suggests that hot and long showers can be harmful for the skin of yours. Why? water that is Hot is going to break down the lipid barriers and wash away protective oils in the skin of yours, it’ll result in skin’s dryness. Therefore, expert suggests you go for a shower in water that is warm.

2. Dehydration from within

Drinking water is always the first rule of thumb to keep skin moisturized. You have to listen to about the concept of eight glasses of water on a daily basis. We know that every person has the struggles of theirs in lives, we’re even too busy to drink water that is adequate. Besides, you shouldn’t drink water only when you feel thirsty. To keep your skin radiant, you need to drink water from time to time. Better still, incorporate vegetable and fruits in your diet plan to keep hydrated from within.

3. Over exfoliation

It’s a good idea to perform exfoliation from time to time so that the dead skin cell is able to be removed and new skin can come to the surface layer. Expert suggests that exfoliate your skin 1 2 times once a week will achieve the optimal result. On the contrary, over exfoliation is going to lead you breakout, irritation, and redness. As a result, the skin of yours is going to lose natural oils and become dry.

4. Apply moisturizer in a wrong order

At what time do you apply your moisturizer? A lot of us apply moisturizer in the early morning and prior to going to sleep. They’re not wrong, but, it does not optimize the moisturizing effect! In order to maximize the impact of the moisturizer, you need to apply nourishing skincare products (e.g. moisturizer and body lotion) right after the shower. In that way, it is going to help to lock the moisture to the skin of yours.



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