Anti-pollution ingredients to protect your skin from pollution

Anti-pollution ingredients to protect your skin from pollution


Exposure to pollutants as exhaust, smog, smoke, and even extreme climate is able to dehydrate the skin of yours, fine lines, develop wrinkles, and lead to skin irritation. Continue reading to learn more about anti-pollution ingredients to fight pollution and protect our largest organ: skin.

(1) Activated Charcoal

Deep cleansing is a crucial step to detoxify the skin of yours in the daily skincare regimen. Go for a deep cleansing face wash that contains activated charcoal. It is able to not only draw out dirt like a magnet, remove dead skin cells from pores but also hold on to the skin’s natural oils to reveal radiant skin.

(2) Algae and Kelp

Algae help to enhance your skin’s own natural hydrating hyaluronic acid and skin restoring ceramides. Dehydrated skin from pollution is saved by it. Kelp is beneficial for detoxifying the skin of ours and stimulating circulation. Both are actually loaded with antioxidants which can soothe the irritated skin and strengthen the skin barrier from pollution.

(3) Antioxidants

Antioxidants are actually useful to strengthen the skin’s self cleansing, self healing, and self regenerating abilities. Vitamin A, C, and E are actually common antioxidants which can fight against free radical damage, help calm inflammation, lighten pigmentation, and stimulate the production of collagen to maintain youthful skin. They could also slow the signs of skin aging brought on by pollution, like fine lines and loose and uneven skin.

(4) Sea salt minerals

Unfortunately, pollution and skin aging go hand in hand. Natural anti pollution ingredients as sea salt minerals help replenish and rebalance skin function from pollution. Vibrancy is encouraged by it, stabilizes hydration levels and also helps your skin absorb nutrients and minerals vital.



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