Simple tips to keep your baby’s skin healthy

Simple tips to keep your baby’s skin healthy


Baby’s skin is fragile and thin. Newborn babies are actually prone to skin irritations as diaper rash and eczema. Parents require to provide extra care to keep baby’s skin healthy. Here are a few very simple tips to improve your baby’s skin protective barrier.

(1) Use fragrance-free and tear-free baby shampoo and body wash

Baby shampoo and body wash should be gentle on baby’s skin and hair to stay away from skin allergies. Make use of a mild body wash along with a tear free baby shampoo to clean your baby’s skin that is sensitive gently with lukewarm water. Do not use antibacterial soaps as they could be too strong for baby’s skin.

(2) Use a mild baby lotion to moisturize baby’s skin

Do not bath the baby of yours too frequently due to this is going to strip away organic oils and the moisture of baby’s skin. Make sure you make use of a fragrance-free and mild baby lotion to keep the baby’s skin that is sensitive hydrated and strengthen the protective skin’s barrier. Shea butter and natural coconut oil are choices that are good.

(3) Change diapers frequently and clean with baby wipes gently

Diaper rashes often appear because of the diaper is simply too firm or perhaps the wet diaper left on baby’s skin too long. Change the diaper more often and change the wet diaper quickly can prevent diaper rashes. Use baby wipes to keep baby’s skin clean and dry. Do not wear the diaper too tight to stay away from skin irritations.

(4) Dress your baby in loose and cotton clothing

Dress the baby of yours in loose and cotton clothing and keep the environment cool is able to prevent prickly heat rashes. Prickly heat rashes normally occur at neck, armpits and skin folds due to sweating.  Stay away from using chemical detergents to wash the baby’s clothing. This could protect your baby’s skin from allergic reactions or perhaps harmful infections.


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