How to combat Jet Lagged skin?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Exhausted after a long haul flight and feel it is written all over your face? Cabin pressure and recirculated, air that is dry as well as the lack of quality rest when travelling to a different time zone in the air is able to wreak havoc on the skin of yours – dryness, breakouts and inflammation. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered with tips below to combat “jet lagged” skin…

#1 Drink

Drink a lot of water upon landing to combat skin that is dry. Sitting in cabins with high pressure re circulated air which is really low in humidity lead to serious skin dehydration. Be sure to drinks lots of water or perhaps coconut water to help you hydrate your body and skin. Stay away from soda, alcohol, and coffee that will dry out the skin of yours, and can result in breakouts.

How to combat Jet Lagged skin? - SHOPPE.LK

#2 De-puff

Arriving the destination of yours with a puffy face and eyes? Blame water retention for that post flight puffiness which has built up during the time of yours in the air. Try to massage the skin of yours with a facial tool, for instance, jade roller, to help with lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. Store your facial tool in the refrigerator for aproximatelly fifteen minutes before use. Then, apply serum or perhaps face oil to your massage and face from inside out starting next to the nose of yours. Be careful.

How to combat Jet Lagged skin? - SHOPPE.LK

#3 Hydrate

A deep hydrating face mask is actually a quick fix for post flight thirsty, fatigued skin. After cleansing, apply a good amount of hydrating gel or perhaps cream mask to your neck and face. Let it sit for aproximatelly twenty minutes before rinsing off. Look out for soothing and hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, aloe and calendula.

How to combat Jet Lagged skin? - SHOPPE.LK

#4 Sleep

After only one night of disrupted sleep on a long flight, you are able to see the effect on the skin of yours with dark circles and dehydration. Catching up on sleep is actually the best thing you are able to do for skin recovery. Trouble sleeping? Try taking melatonin supplements that are able to enable you to reset your body’s internal clock so you can easily fall asleep at the proper time. Do not forget to sleep with an overnight mask to revive dry, tired skin.

How to combat Jet Lagged skin? - SHOPPE.LK



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