The Different Types of Dark Circles, Which Do You Have?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Dark circles are actually the enemy of females. There’s a girl type who looks tired without covering dark circles with concealer. In reality, dark circles are actually one of the skin problems, and in case you do not have the right skincare skills, it is going to be hard to resolve them. Thus, applying concealer isn’t the right way to get rid of dark circles, what you must do is actually you have to know which type of dark circles you’ve and based on your own personal situation to cope with the problem fundamentally.

Pigmented dark circles

Pigmented dark circles are primarily caused by 2 major factors: a) congenital genetic factors, and b) improper habits. Many people with pigmented dark circles are actually born with natural skin. Because Asians are inherently more likely to precipitate melanin in the lower and upper eyelids, it’s a lot easier to have dark circles. Nevertheless, there are actually a few of individuals who often work with the hands of theirs to rub the eyes of theirs, too much force removal or perhaps forced rubbing and other bad habits which lead to the appearance of pigmented dark circles.

The Different Types of Dark Circles, Which Do You Have? - SHOPPE.LK


Individuals with pigmented dark circles have to enhance the moisturizing and sun protection of their eye skin. Develop the habit of applying eye cream, and appropriate massage to enhance the dark circles. If you’ve make up, do not pull your eyelids hard when you put on and get rid of the makeup of yours. Along with improving daily habits, the use of honey also can eliminate melanin. Pour an appropriate amount of honey onto the cotton pad and gently apply it to the eyes of yours. After fifteen minutes, wash it all with water that is fresh! After one day, the amino acids in honey is able to whiten the skin of yours and increase metabolism.

Vascular dark circles

Vascular dark circles are actually characterized by sub ocular blood vessels in blue, mostly due to allergic rhinitis. The nose of ours and also the skin around the eyes are actually inter connected, and folks with allergic rhinitis are actually prone to inflammatory substances in the blood vessels, which can cause subcutaneous blood vessels to dilate and cause mild congestion, leading to dark circles.

The Different Types of Dark Circles, Which Do You Have? - SHOPPE.LK


To resolve vascular dark circles, we must first improve the blood circulation around the eyes. You are able to alternately apply cold and hot towels on the eyes of yours, and then gently massage them with your fingers to speed up blood circulation.

Structural dark circles

Structured dark circles are really not real dark circles, it’s caused because the skin under the eyes is actually thin, and the depressions look as the shape of grooves, giving shadows on the fundus of the eyes and giving folks a sensation of dark circles. Structured dark circles are actually fake dark circles created by the loss of lack and collagen of moisturizing.

The Different Types of Dark Circles, Which Do You Have? - SHOPPE.LK


Although most of the structured dark circles are actually natural, regular skincare on eyes also can improve and prevents the situation from intensifying. You are able to enhance moisturization on the eyes to prevent the development of fine lines and lighten the shadows caused by fine lines.



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