Skincare tips for Combination Skin


Although working with it’s not a simple job, combination skin is pretty common. Taking care of combination is actually all about finding a way to balance what your skin needs in the dry zones with what it needs in the oily zones. Let us discover our skincare tips, skincare routine tailored to this skin type and which skincare products work best.

#1 How to tell if you have combination skin?

When you begin taking measures to achieve your skincare goals, it is crucial to find out whether you really have combination skin. Allow me to share a couple of things that you are going to notice on the face of yours in case you’ve combination skin…

  1. Skin is typically shiny on the forehead, chin and nose (T zone) as there tend to be more oil producing glands in the central facial zone, while appearing dry out on the cheekbones.
  2. Skin are able to become oilier in the heat, while winter winds can dry out the skin.
  3. Dry patches and breakouts happen at the same time.

#2 How should you deal with areas of dry or flaky skin?

Exfoliating can be a highly effective way of sloughing off dead skin cells which lead to flaking. But you have to be more careful and gentle with the skin of yours. You need to stay away from harsh scrubs or perhaps strong facial acids and stick to exfoliating twice or once a week only.

#3 How should you treat acne if you have combination skin?

Applying layer after layer of the go to acne treatment of yours can only make your acne worse. And in case you’re using benzyl peroxide to treat acne, go for products with lower doses of the ingredient and keep the application to the problem spots. It will help zap zits without drying and irritating the skin.

Skincare tips for Combination Skin - SHOPPE.LK

Do’s for combination skin

Cleanse gently. Select a gel or perhaps lotion like texture to remove impurities, oils, and dirt without driving your dry zones crazy.

Exfoliate twice or once weekly. Give consideration to oily zones and be careful on the cheek areas.

Use two different moisturizers. A moisturizer to hydrate the dry zones, and the other might be a lightweight, gel moisturizer that deals with the greasier zones.

Rejuvenate your combination skin with a facial mask at least once a week. It’s much better in case you are able to multi mask to give various areas of the skin of yours the care it requires.

Daily Skincare Routine 

Step 1:

Gently remove oil and dirt with a cleansing foam.

Step 2:

Balance skin with a non irritating, alcohol free toner.

Step 3:

Smooth dry areas with a hydrating serum.

Step 4:

Nourish eyes with an eye cream.

Step 5:

Stay protected with a sunscreen (AM), or perhaps a moisturiser (PM).



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