How to choose the right sunscreen?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Slathering on a layer of sunscreen is a great way to avoid a sunburn on a sunny day. Although it is surely well worth it, nevertheless, looking for sunscreen isn’t a simple job. Not sure what SPF to buy? Read on and learn what to look for when stocking up on sunscreen this summer.

#1 Choose SPF 30 or above

Doubling the SPF does not mean doubling the protection. An SPF of fifteen blocks ninety three % of UVB radiation, while SPF thirty filters ninety seven % and SPF fifty filters ninety eight % of the harmful rays. Generally there is not much difference between SPF thirty and SPF fifty. The truth of the matter is actually no sunscreen filters sun rays completely, so any sunscreen which is actually both broad spectrum (protect against both UVA and UVB rays) and above SPF thirty is actually a good option. Just remember that the higher the SPF rating, the thicker the sunscreen tends to be.

How to choose the right sunscreen? - SHOPPE.LK

#2 Choose water resistant

A water resistant sunscreen is actually great for days that are very hot as it lasts longer, even in case you are just sweating, not actually going in the water. Remember there is no such thing as a totally waterproof sunscreen, so steer clear of sunscreens that make this claim.  Sunscreens marked accordingly can be water resistant for up to forty or perhaps eighty minutes. For best results, reapply sunscreen at least every two hours and much more frequently sweating or perhaps in case you’re swimming.

How to choose the right sunscreen? - SHOPPE.LK

#3 Consider your skin type

To get the most out of the sunscreen of yours, find one that works with the unique skin type of yours. If you’ve oily skin or perhaps acne, be sure that your sunscreen is actually water based with a matte finish and labelled as’ non-comedogenic’. When you’ve skin that is dry, the main aim of yours should be adding additional moisture. Any sunscreen enriched with moisturizing ingredients like ceramides, glycerin, hyaluronic acid is actually ideal.

How to choose the right sunscreen? - SHOPPE.LK

#4 Stick to creams over sprays

Sunscreens in a spray can may be convenient but it may be very difficult to guarantee that enough sunscreen is actually making it onto the skin of yours, particularly if the sunscreen is actually transparent. For truly effective coverage, cream/lotion is actually the path to take. If the only alternative of yours is actually a spray, be sure you use a good level of product to the skin of yours and rub it in.

How to choose the right sunscreen? - SHOPPE.LK



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