4 Shower Mistakes that are Messing with your Skin

4 Shower Mistakes that are Messing with your Skin


Taking a shower appears to be simple enough that we are able to have an enjoyable moment after a long day. Although showering does remove dirt and promote relaxation, it could be damaging to the skin of ours. Continue reading to discover the typical shower mistakes and correct it asap.

Scrubbing too much or too hard

Exfoliating is able to get rid of dead skin, but overly scrubbing can result in skin that is dry, irritation, rashes and inflammation. In order to protect your skin during scrubbing, it’s suggested to use the natural exfoliator made with body sugar, almond oil, sea salt, or coconut milk to help relieve flakiness and dryness and create smooth and soft skin.

Not hydrating at the right time

Everyone knows it’s essential to apply body lotion after showering. But several of us might not be hydrating at the right time. the right time of applying body moisturizer to the skin is actually while the water still running rather than applying it after you shut off the water and towel off. Such a technique is able to lock in moisture before you actually get out of the shower.

A dirty loofah

We like to rub the sponge on the skin of ours, but letting your loofah hang in your warm, moist shower isn’t a great idea at all. It leads an overload of yeast, bacteria, and mold to fill with your loofah. The most effective ways to stay away from rubbing the skin of yours with germs and bacteria is actually to invest in an antibacterial sponge or perhaps replace it after 3 weeks.

Taking hot showers too long

Although it’s harsh on the skin of yours, all of us enjoy a long hot shower especially on a chilly day. Hot showers strip the natural oils from the skin of yours and certainly will make itching and your eczema worse. It’s suggested to shower with lukewarm water and attempt to keep the shower within ten minutes.



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