How to get rid of back acne once and for all

How to get rid of back acne once and for all


It’s difficult to get rid of back acne. Back acne develops when excess sebum and dead skin cells accumulation. Clogged pores and bacteria are going to lead to breakouts. Here are a few possible treatments to cure back acne effectively.

(1) Eat a healthy and balanced diet

You’re what you eat! An imbalanced and unhealthy diet may trigger acne. Make sure you stay away from eating oily junk food or even too much high glycemic index (GI) foods, which raises your blood sugar level shortly and make acne worse. Eat more fresh veggies and fruits are great for reducing acne.

(2) Use the body wash containing benzoyl peroxide

Do not let the sweat and dirt leave on the skin of yours for a quite a while. They may be the contributors to back acne. Have a shower/bath immediately after a workout. Using the body wash containing benzoyl peroxide is able to kill the bacteria on the body of yours which might result in breakouts. Wear loose fitting clothes can also let your skin breathe and stay away from rubbing the sweat and dirt into the pores.

(3) Exfoliate your body regularly

You are able to make use of a mild body scrub with salicylic acid to exfoliate your skin frequently. It is able to draw out the dirt from the pores, remove excess oil and dead skin cells. This could prevent clogged pores and acne effectively.

(4) Use tea tree oil

Natural antibacterial properties which could kill treat and bacteria back acne effectively are contained by tea tree oil. You are able to use the tea tree oil to the skin of yours by using cotton balls after a bath or perhaps shower. Tea tree oil is able to penetrate clogged pores and dry up oily spots. It can also help to minimize skin irritation and calm the redness.



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