Post facial break-out, why and how to deal with it?

Post facial break-out, why and how to deal with it?

You treat yourself a facial and hope to have skin that is perfect after that. But all you see after a facial may not be a glowing face, is actually a skin irritation which includes redness and breakouts. Try not to blame the facialist first. That could be normal following a facial. Continue reading to discover how and why to cope with it.

Why it is normal?

It’s generally normal because the extractions in facials are the same as the professional deep pore cleansing that help to manage clogged pores. Such care is to squeeze the skin of yours so it is typical for those areas to be irritated and red. Additionally, not all of the lodged oil is going to come out during the extractions, but our pore does have its self cleaning function which will purge one day or perhaps 2 after the facial.

How to deal with it?

Avoid makeup

The face of yours may appear red and get breakouts after the extractions in a facial. You might wish to use makeup to cover it up. Nevertheless, the facial just provides a deep cleanse to the skin of yours and your pores are more open than normal. And the foundation of yours, powder and brushes harbour bacteria which could cause bacterial infections after your facial. Therefore, it’s recommended which to give the skin of yours a break from makeup and heavy products for one day which will allow the serums, creams to penetrate effectively.

Skip the gym and sauna

Your skin has already been steamed to the max during your facial, the increased heat in the skin and sweat could be irritating to your newly exfoliated skin. Therefore, you need to go to the gym and sauna before the facial appointment to let your skin have time to heal.


In case you have a severe post facial reaction lasting over a couple of days, you’ve to be more mindful about the post facial skin. In case you even occur an allergic reaction, like itching, rash like skin, welts and throat soughing and swelling, it is essential to contact your professional facialist immediately.

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