4 Simple ways to Upgrade your Skincare Routine for Fall

4 Simple ways to Upgrade your Skincare Routine for Fall

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]With the weather changing and the days getting cooler, it is time to update your skincare routine to keep skin healthy and happy this fall. Read on and figure out how to tweak the regimen of yours with the right skincare products…

#1 Swap out summer cleanser

Ditch the wipes and foam cleansers, it is time to search for a gentle, oil based remover instead to lock in that moisture and cleanse the skin of yours without stripping your skin of those much needed protective oils. Make sure you stay away from cleansers or perhaps makeup removers that have a higher acid content, such as salicylic acid and glycol acid, which are actually a bit too strong on the skin in colder months.

#2 Boost hydration

The lightweight hydrating gel or perhaps lotion that you’ve been using all summer can no longer handle the task in the colder season. Look for heavier, thicker creams to protect your skin against harsh winds and dryness. Layering skincare products help nourish the dry skin of yours and stop it from starting to be parched. Just slather on a heavy moisturizing serum and cream. Top it all with a thin layer of beauty oil.

#3 Power up with masks

There is no such thing as excessive hydration when the weather conditions cools down. Stock up on moisturizing gel/cream/sheet masks to use three to four times a week to provide some much needed hydration for your seasonally dry skin. Remember to pick hydrating and gentle masks over those that might leave your skin feeling too stiff and parched.

#4 Exfoliate wisely

A large amount of folks think that exfoliation is able to lead to dryness, however, the fact is actually, it is the easiest way to treat parched, flaky skin. During the winter season, skin cells dehydrate and dry faster. So, you need to be exfoliating once per week while in winter, in order to buff away those dead cells so new cells are able to are available in healthier and with no obstruction. Letting those dead skin cells go can also enhance the efficacy of your moisturizers. Start with a mild exfoliant and be careful not to overdo it.



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