You’re Washing Your Face Wrong — Here Are 4 Ways to Do It Right!

You’re Washing Your Face Wrong — Here Are 4 Ways to Do It Right!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Cleaning your face appears to be very simple, right? But you may not even realize that you could be doing it all wrong this whole time. Ready for a thoroughly clean start? Read on and figure out how to clean the face of yours in the proper way with these four steps.

#1 Wash your hands

Wash your hands thoroughly first with soap before touching the face of yours. Bacteria is all over the hands of ours. When you clean the face of yours with hands that are dirty, you’re actually transferring bacteria, which may cause acne and skin infections. Be sure you wash your hands first.

#2 Use circular motion

Spend time massaging cleanser gently into the face of yours with fingertips in a circular motion to increase blood circulation. Start from the centre of the face of yours and rub the hands of yours in an upward motion to help your skin stay naturally and tight lifted. Spend a bit more time on the t zone of yours, and along your jawline and hairline where there may be congestion. Try to massage the face of yours for 30 60 seconds. Don’t over do it.

#3 Splash face with warm water

Temperature does matter. You shouldn’t splash the face of yours with either icy cold or perhaps steaming water that is hot. The truth is actually water that is hot is able to strip the skin of yours of natural oils that keep your skin balanced, while rinsing the face of yours with water that is cold doesn’t properly remove the daily grime. It is best to stick to lukewarm water.

#4 Pat dry with a soft towel

Don’t sit around waiting for your skin to dry. Letting your skin air dry only means more dry skin as water just evaporates. Remember to gently pat the skin of yours with a soft towel immediately after rinsing, so that the skin is still damp when you lather on your moisturizer, serum, essence, and toner. Never harshly scrub the skin of yours unless you want to irritate your skin and make it lose elasticity.



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