What are acne patches? How do they work?


Regardless of how hard the skincare routine is followed by you, there are pimples or perhaps acne pop up at the face of yours. Based on the dermatologist, we shouldn’t pop or perhaps squeeze pimples as it will damage the skin of ours by pushing infected materials into the dermis of ours. Certainly, there’s another choice to heal acne and pimples properly, that little patches hanging on the skincare aisle. Keep reading down to discover what are actually acne patches and how do they work!

What are acne patches?

When you’re looking at the beauty aisle, you might find there’s an alternative choice at the acne treatment aisle, facial stickers ranging from a small circle to half moon shape. What they’re? These magical stickers help you to fight acne or perhaps pimples with powerful anti inflammation ingredients. Rather than popping or perhaps squeezing your pimples or acne, you are able to simply place an acne patch on the spot before you go to bed, after which you are going to find it soothes the redness and skin irritation in the following morning. You might wonder exactly how this little sticker will be the most powerful way to treat acne or perhaps pimples!

What are acne patches? How do they work? - SHOPPE.LK

How do acne patches work?

1. Absorb excessive fluids

Do not underestimate the power of this little patch. It’s made of hydrocolloid dressing that helps drawing moisture from your pores without drying out your surrounding skin. Better still, the acne patch helps you to absorb dirt, oils, or excess fluids from the acne or perhaps acne so that brings down blemish swelling, redness, and size.

2. Packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients

Not merely do the patches absorb excessive fluids, but it also provides powerful anti inflammatory ingredients to combat acne without having a sweat. For instance, it packed with ingredients as salicylic acid and tea tree which effectively brings down inflammation and prevents spots from erupting.


What are acne patches? How do they work? - SHOPPE.LK

3. Prevent touching pimples or acne

Why does acne patches become the best acne treatment? When you set a patch on spot, it in fact prevents you from touching the pore. As outlined by a dermatologist, acne patches are able to reduce the risk of inflammation, healing time and inflection.

What are acne patches? How do they work? - SHOPPE.LK



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