4 Things You Need to Do Before The Fall


The fall will come right after the summer, the humidity in the air disappeared in the blink of an eye. Your skin responds to the weather change faster than you may well think, dryness and itchiness are actually the first signs to tell the skin is too dry. Let us stock up four skincare products to nourish the skin of yours before the fall.

1. Switch to nourishing cleanser

You might never consider changing cleanser as long as it will keep the skin glow and clean. As a result of the weather conditions change, the cleanser for the summer which formulated to keep the face of yours in better oil control. When it concerns the fall, it is going to over-dry your skin instead. In order to keep your face nourish, you’ve to shift to a hydrating or nourishing cleanser.  We suggest you choose a cleanser which can remove impurities, but keep your skin hydrated as clay cleanser, hydrating cleanser.

4 Things You Need to Do Before The Fall - SHOPPE.LK

2. Opt for a thick moisturizer

Not every moisturizer is actually the same! When the weather is actually dry, you want a thick barrier to protect the skin of yours. For instance, you are able to choose the moisturizer with hyaluronic acid and aloe vera water as major ingredients and apply it for both day and night. Both ingredients are able to provide better lasting hydration to the skin of yours.

4 Things You Need to Do Before The Fall - SHOPPE.LK

3. Lower the frequency of exfoliation

Exfoliating is actually a crucial step to keep skin completely clean and ensure dead skin cell is actually removed so that new skin is able to grow to the surface. Nevertheless, in case you exfoliate the skin of yours too much in the fall, it will result in skin that is dry. Expert suggests that it is best to replenish the loss of oil after exfoliation. Besides, you should apply facial oil promptly to let your skin absorb hydrating ingredients.

4 Things You Need to Do Before The Fall - SHOPPE.LK

4. Apply body lotion

Not merely does your face require hydration, but skin also covers your body needs hydration too. Applying body lotion is really giving the skin of yours an all over treatment that keeps your skin moist and healthy when the weather is actually dry.

4 Things You Need to Do Before The Fall - SHOPPE.LK



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