4 Acne Myths to Stop Believing


Acne is actually among the skin problems that quite difficult to get rid of. Lots of acne myths won’t help you to defeat this issue. Here are a few acne myths you need to stop believing. Hope all of you are able to find a right way to treat acne.

4 Acne Myths to Stop Believing - SHOPPE.LK

(1) Acne is for teenagers

Although adults of any age also can occur, not only teenagers are able to suffer from acne. Adult acne can be divided into two types. “Persistent acne” continues from teenage years and fails to clear and “late onset acne” begins the late 20s to early 30s. Generally, hormones, genetics, and stress play the roles in aggravating the condition of acne. Stop or perhaps pregnancy using birth control pills are able to lead to hormonal changes and develop adult acne.

4 Acne Myths to Stop Believing - SHOPPE.LK

(2) Acne is caused by unclean skin

Many factors are able to result in the development of acne. Acne is actually a disorder of the skin, that is composed of an oil producing gland, hair follicle, and hair. Unclean skin may not a crucial component. In general, the oil producing gland is actually affected by hormone levels. Excessive oil production is going to make skin cells sticky to clog pores and lead to acne.

4 Acne Myths to Stop Believing - SHOPPE.LK

(3) Acne is contagious

Acne is not contagious and can’t spread from person to person. Whilst acne bacteria play a role in the development of its, it can’t be transmitted like most bacterial infections. Nevertheless, you should stay away from sharing pillows or towels with many other folks for general hygiene reasons.

4 Acne Myths to Stop Believing - SHOPPE.LK

(4) People with acne should avoid makeup

It’s not a must to stay away from makeup in case you’ve acne. Many makeup products as concealer or perhaps foundation is able to conceal the acne and provide self confidence. It’s essential to select the best products for oily and acne-prone skin. The oil free foundation, BB cream with high coverage or perhaps concealer contains tea tree oil are actually choices that are great .



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